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Our choice for sustainably-sourced, direct-from-farmer coffee beans from all over the globe, custom-roasted to perfection.

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Love at First Sip

When our family moved out to Columbus, Ohio from our hometown in Buffalo, New York following a job offer, we felt a bit adrift. Disconnected from our loved ones back home, we tried to soak up all Columbus had to offer.  Early in this exploration, a chance encounter with One Line Coffee in the lobby of my husband’s new office building caused him to literally stop and feel the comfort of perfect coffee.  Morning coffee was typically a rushed and forgettable daily task for him, up until One Line. The rich and uniquely accented roasts captured his heart immediately, and although he didn’t know it 6 years ago, We’d one day call this Ohio-based father-son-daughter team our business partners.

One Line Coffee’s Story

With two successful cafés up and running, Mark and David thought about their next steps. Like us, community is everything to this father-son team, and they realized that while they knew their café community, they didn’t know how their business impacted the second half of their community – those in each link of their production chain.

With a mission to ensure fair wages for each worker involved in their business – importers, farmers, advocacy groups – Mark and David began the hard work of sourcing their own coffee, heading to unique farms and markets all over the world. Where they couldn’t reach, trusted importers who understood their values and vision stepped in. Their goal – to ensure fair practices not just in distribution of pay, but in sourcing and environmental sustainability. 

World Class Flavors

In tracing their coffee back to the farm, One Line Coffee not only ensures fair practices, but sources incredibly unique and flavorful batches of coffee beans from around the world. Coffee’s taste is directly impacted by the soil, temperature, humidity and environment, meaning a farm even just 100 feet away from another can produce incredibly different coffee flavor profiles. 

It’s these unique strands of flavor that inspires One Line Coffee to keep things simple on their end, and let the flavor speak for itself. Outside of their espressos, One Line Coffee doesn’t blend coffee beans together, preserving the defining highlights of each unique batch of coffee.

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